Will setting up FormJoy break my existing surveys?

Happily, the answer is no! The new system will apply to all existing survey pages once it’s published theme-wide (so they’ll all continue to work, just with the new system rather than the old), with the exception of pages that have a custom page template.

If you are testing out FormJoy on a new survey but also have existing surveys live on your NationBuilder site, you have two options:

  1. Apply the changes suggested theme-wide (as per the setup instructions). If you do this it will update all existing surveys to use the FormJoy integration (e.g. so all questions will start to appear in a single form), and those surveys will all continue to work seamlessly. This would apply the FormJoy integration to all existing surveys except for any that have custom page templates, which would remain unchanged.

  2. Specifically apply the changes suggested to a single test survey by creating a custom page template for that new test survey. Once you create a custom page template for your new test survey you can simply replace all the code in that existing page template with the code here: https://gist.github.com/coreyaus/7a6368684599faec51c1e3e02c2d65bf. The pages_show_survey.html version will display the form alongside the content whereas the pages_show_survey_wide.html version will show the survey form directly below the page content (it's up to you which one you'd prefer to use). If you would like a hand with this then we can help set up an example test survey for you (we would just need admin access to your nation).

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